5 Annoying Roommates + How To Deal With Them

By Esther Zsoldos
[Let's Get Personal]
Living with someone else can be a good thing – or it can be a complete disaster. Esther Zsoldos looks at some annoying situations.
The noisy sex-crazed roommate. The slob roommate. The snooping roommate. The cling-on roommate. The co-dependent boyfriend roommate. Many of us can relate to experiencing a roommate from hell at some point in our life!

Although they make for great stories, living with roommates who have weird habits or annoying tendencies can be a huge adjustment.Of course, there are some thingsyou can do tohelp cure your annoying roommate issues and make life much easier.

The Noisy Sex-Crazed Roommate

Is your sleep always being disrupted by loud noises coming from a less than considerate roommate? I’m talking about banging headboards, squeaking mattresses and voices screaming “harder, faster!” If that sounds too crazy to be true, believe me – it happens. And if you’re living with it, I sympathize with you.

This noisy sex-crazed roommate is tough to control and awkward to confront. Despite wanting to grab a hose to soak the couple in the early hours of the morning, there are more mature solutions to avoiding this problem. However, if your roommate doesn’t listen when he/she is confronted with this issue, then you need to get creative.

Playing loud music can muffle out the sexual noises, but this still won’t help your strong desire to sleep. Whether or not someone can control the volume of their sex outbursts is irrelevant; this is an issue of respect being violated and if your roommate is reasonable, they will tone down the act of pleasure.

The Slob Roommate

When you have roommates who don’t clean up after themselves and leave their filthy belongings around the house, it can result in a disastrous ordeal. Not only is this predicament annoying, it is also incredibly embarrassing when you plan to have guests over. Whether it’s a mountain of dishes left on the counter or dirty thongs lying around the house, a mess can irritate a housemate and destroy the friendships in a household.

If discussing this problem with the person leaving the mess doesn’t help the situation, there are a few ideas that can get the point across.

First of all, you could take the mess and put it in the slob’s room. This may sound like an odd idea, but if the mess is in the room of the person making it, they will be forced to clean it up. There is no reason you should have to deal with it.

Throwing dirty laundry, which is lying around the house into the tree in the front lawn could also be effective. Sure you want to avoid a fight, but sometimes it is inevitable.

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