The Path to Achieving Your Goals

By Dan Grant
[Health & Your Life]

Do You ‘Find’ Time?

One thing I’ve learned from becoming more of a daily person and trying to do extraordinary things with my business and myself is that I don’t ‘find’ time to do things I have to do anymore.

I make time.

I decide how much I actually want to reach that goal and then it moves up my priority list. The ‘things’ on my priority list get time made for them so I will DO THEM.

What’s more important? Getting an intense workout in that will help you towards the body you want so you won’t be embarrassed about being naked or coffee with a friend to gossip about life?

Or how about cooking a nutritious dinner and eat it while socializing with your significant other or rushing a cheap microwave dinner meal so you can catch the start of the game which will not only slower your results down but probably also kill your sex life.

Figure out what’s really important for you and then make time for it, it’s actually that simple. Maybe not that easy…but totally that simple.

To All You Complainers

And since I haven’t really ranted yet and am starting to get some cold sweats from being so polite this article I just want to say one thing to all you complainers out there who keep crying about how hard it is to lose weight or build muscle or eat right or listen to Justin Bieber (ok, I’m with you on that one).

That fact is that if you aren’t willing to bust your ass to make it happen then what exactly do you feel you have the right to complain about?

If you want to look better then let me tell you right now that lifting heavy things is apart of that process. If the pink dumbbells and high reps to ‘tone up’ actually existed then that lazy ass soup can workout would actually do something. So don’t complain that it’s ‘too heavy’ and you don’t want to ‘bulk up’. You won’t bulk up and you won’t turn magically into a man for lifting something more then 10 pounds. You will actually turn lean and sexy, but by all means keep being lazy and scared and stay the way you are.

Ok, I totally feel better getting that off my chest.

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