View From Venus: What Women Think Of Circumcision

By Sarah Stefanson
[View From Venus]
Can circumcision prevent HIV transmission?  Sarah Stefanson goes over the myths and realities of the cut vs. uncut debate.
Naturally, there are as many different opinions on the matter of male circumcision as there are women in the world. A quick Google search on the issue reveals a nearly even split between the cut and uncut camps. North Americans tend to prefer circumcised, while the British lean toward uncircumcised. Some women think uncircumcised penises are unattractive and others think that circumcised penises are unnatural. Obviously, there is no clear majority either way when it comes to women’s opinions on this controversial issue.

Therefore, in this week’s View From Venus, I’m going to break down the debate point by point, exposing some myths and expressing my opinion as a woman, which is the only opinion I truly claim to be totally familiar with. Check out what Matthew has to say about what men think of circumcision in his Message From Mars.


I’ve heard women describe an uncircumcised penis as a “sad, wrinkly Shar Pei” and others talk about circumcised penises using words like “unnatural” and “scarred.” Let’s have a reality check here ladies: cut or uncut, all penises look the same when they are erect. Since erect penises are most useful to us as women, it shouldn’t really matter how they look when they’re soft. Personally, the state of the foreskin is not what determines a penis’ attractiveness to me. Every one is different and each has its pluses and minuses.


Many women have the attitude that the existence of a foreskin on a penis automatically means that it is less clean than one without. Sure, the extra folds of skin could trap more odour and bacteria, but if a man is conscientious about keeping himself clean, it won’t matter if he’s circumcised or uncircumcised. If he’s really considerate, he’ll wash himself up down there immediately before you plan to go anywhere near it with your mouth.
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