Why Do Women Go For Tough Guys?

By Christopher James
[Message From Mars]
Women will say they want a guy who treats them right, but we all know what they're really looking for. Christopher James takes a guess.

Why do women love tough guys? It's a common question for any gent who has scuttled back in awe at seeing the cute office blonde hook up with Al: the meaty FedEx guy who used to beat up the special-ed kids in elementary school. It's perplexing to see how often women will look past a man who has taken the time to build something with his life - like an education and a career - and hop on the snarling pizza delivery guy instead.

The tough guy, also known as the bad boy, seems to send the female brain on a magic carpet ride, forgoing all rational thought and pointing to a future of abuse and misery. These girls consciously choose Bender from The Breakfast Club and are surprised when he turns out to be an alcoholic who's going nowhere in life. Personally I find it funny, but I'm a bad person, so the rest of you should have some moral qualms about it.

The Answer is Simple

But why? It's simple. Women are superficial. They choose looks over substance. They buy the book for the pretty cover. Sex is business and they've got to sell it for something. Some demand fancy dinners and being driven in nice cars while others never leave the high school mentality of dating the popular guy. And they all bow down in their materialistic heels to the bad boy.

The Proof is in our History

Primal instinct, despite centuries of evolution, is alive and well in us all. Instinctively, a tough guy will protect his woman while she gives birth and nurtures the offspring. But it has moved from our heads to our hips where it is now little more than a sexual impulse. It holds little validity in any form these days - after all, your average CEO, doctor, or lawyer, isn't bench pressing 400 pounds. In modern society the white collar jobs tend to go to the matheletes over the shop kids, and let's face it - a strong wind could give Bill Gates a black eye.

But hold those angry emails, I acknowledge that women do not hold the monopoly on being materialistic, superficial, and sex-driven. Men proudly pioneered the sport in the first place and still get the gold medal. But the wangs play a different game - a game of acting.

You see, men act as though they want to get to know the cute blonde and find out what kind of person she is. Really, the guy is aiming to get her panties off and do the horizontal boogie until he's good and satisfied, at which point he'll make a sandwich from her kitchen, and then leave to do it again. Am I being too blunt? No, just honest.

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