An Itinerary For 2 Days In Venice

By Jenny Ferguson
Which museums are must-sees on your trip to Venice?  Jenny Ferguson points out the places you should make a point of visiting.
Venice isboth the kitschiest place in the world and something that everyone has to experience at least once! You cannot say you’ve seen Europe without checking Venice off your list; it’s the best-fabricated, authentic experience on the continent. The best part about Venice is that it is possible to catch the main sights in two fun-filled days, so you can move on to see some of Europe’s other shining gems.

Day One:

9:00 a.m.

Arrive by the night train from one of the many capitals linked to Venice. Drop off your luggage and head down the Grand Canal on the slow boat (#1). The transit card to travel on the vaporetti system isn’t cheap, but it’s the best way to get around Venice and the vaporetti is an experience in sightseeing itself.

Get off at San MarcoSquare to get the true tourist experience, pigeons and all. Buy some dried corn from a vendor for 1€ and take pictures (or video) as the famous birds flock for a late breakfast.

Visit the San Marco Basiclica, but remember to dress appropriately and do opt to head upstairs to see the bronze horses. Visit the Campanile Bell tower for the best views of Venice and great pictures. If you still have time, depending on how busy the square is, visit the Palazzo Ducaleto visit the Bridge of Sighs, one of the most famous bridges in Venice.

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