5 Different Ways To Get Married

By Jenny Ferguson
Not sure about planning the big white wedding?  Jenny Ferguson gives you some other ideas to consider.
Not every little girl spent her formative years dreaming about her wedding, and not every man wants to stand up in front of all his family and friends, spend a couple grand and dress up. So how does a couple that isn’t in agreement about the ideal wedding go about getting hitched?

The Big White Wedding

Family, at least a couple hundred friends, bouquets and the sit-down dinner: for most, this is the ideal wedding. In fact, who doesn’t like to spend the early morning primping, spend the afternoon in church and then party until you can’t stand in your shoes anymore?

Not everyone is ready for this kind of commitment. It’s not that he or she doesn’t want to get married, but the Big White Wedding doesn’t suit every bride and groom. If he can’t stand to be in front of a big crowd, or she doesn’t have a lot of family in the country, this type of wedding feels a little forced and might make one member of the special couple uncomfortable. That is not what a wedding should be about. Get ready, get set, marriage is about compromises.

Family and Close Friends

A good alternative for shy brides or grooms is a private, intimate ceremony. Even if one member would prefer a huge bash so they can invite their Great Aunt’s second cousin and all the other extended family members, this party can be tailored so everyone feels comfortable. Look to celebrate in the backyard, a local park or a smaller venue of your choice. The key is it needs to be personal and your soon-to-be spouse needs to feel comfortable. Set a limit on guests and stick to it.

For the couple that can’t seem to agree on the budget, this too is a great choice. The price will stay lower than throwing a big bash, but the event can still host an open bar and a great DJ. Spend your money wisely and you won’t still be arguing about the wedding ten years down the line.

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