Cheating In Long Distance Relationships

By Jenny Ferguson
Why is it that cheating is so prevalent in long distance relationships?  Jenny Ferguson lays it down.
I was inspired this week by a few of our posters on the The Soko’s Q&A page. They both had questions regarding the problems associated with long distance loving and cheating. Why is it that long distance relationships suffer cheating so often? Why can’t we keep the intimate connection between two people alive over the many miles? And most of all, what should we do when we suspect cheating?

Long Distance Loving

People move to go to university, for a better job or to be closer to family. Sometimes you meet the man or woman of your dreams on vacation in South America and the fact of the matter is that love doesn’t just stop because you can’t meet up for coffee in the afternoons.

Being apart raises new issues, both emotional and physical. Although email and phone calls can make it seem like you are in the same city, they’re sometimes not enough. Being able to hold your partner’s hand or indulge in a kiss or two is the basis for new love.

Why Cheating?

When the physical factor is taken out of a relationship, cheating tends to crop up. This might mean that you or your partner is not suited to a long distance relationship. If you need daily physical interaction with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then getting through weeks or months without being in the same room will prove challenging.

Despite the obvious physical problems with a long distance relationship, there are equally strong emotional ones as well. Where is he on your birthday? What about at your grandma’s funeral? Is she just a voice on the phone?

Without strong emotional support and physical intimacy, a long distance relationship can be a tough situation. That’s not to say it’s impossible though.

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