How to Choose the Perfect Adult Toy

By Sarah Stefanson
[Intimacy & Sexuality]
Forget diamonds, a good vibe can be a girl’s best friend!  Sarah Stefanson tells you how to pick the perfect sex toy for your needs.

Thanks to candid sources like HBO’s Sex and the City and a plethora of women’s magazines, owning a sex toy has become not only acceptable, but expected! So you want to join the pack and get your very own battery-operated friend, but you have no idea where to start? Read on for some essential tips to choosing the ideal plaything.

Where To Go?

First things first, where are you going to purchase your new toy? In every major city there are a wide variety of shops that sell adult material, ranging from the skanky back-alley porn shops, to progressive women-friendly sex shops. Try to find a store in your city that boasts knowledgeable staff, a clean and non-intimidating environment and competitive prices. Take a girlfriend along if you’re nervous about going by yourself. The hardest part is getting through the door. Once you’re in, things get a lot more fun.

For those of you who can’t bear the idea of making this particular purchase in public, there are many reputable online sex toy stores that will ship you a discreet brown paper package so you can get your toy and keep your privacy.

What Type?

There are two main types of vibrators: clit toys (designed specifically for stimulation of the clitoris) and vibrators (designed for insertion). The first decision on your plate is which type to buy.

Many women experience orgasm most consistently with clitoral stimulation so clit toys are very popular. They range from simple vibrating bullets to wearable apparatuses you can strap on and operate by remote.

Vibrators have the most variety of style, shape and function. Though they all have the same basic form, they are generally divided between “realistic” looking and “non-realistic” based entirely on how much they resemble an actual penis. You can get vibes shaped like bananas, cucumbers and ears of corn, but these are usual novelty toys and of inferior quality.

Perhaps the best invention in the history of sex toys is the famous “rabbit-style” vibe. On Sex and the City, the girls have to intervene when Charlotte becomes addicted to her rabbit and never wants to leave the house. The rabbit boasts both a shaft for penetration (which usually rotates in both directions) and an attached vibrating clit stimulator. The best ones also have beads in the shaft that press against each other when rotating, creating a very pleasurable sensation.

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