How To Give The Perfect First Kiss

By Niki Nadieri,
First kiss jitters? Niki Naderi tells you how to improve that all important lip-lock.
Ah,the first kiss - the most beautiful, exciting, and perfect moment of a budding romance. Yeah right! More like the most nerve racking, awkward, unpredictable moment of a budding romance. Sure it happens like magic in the movies, and probably for a few lucky people in the real world, but there is no shame in admitting that yourlip actionneeds a little work.

In preparing to write this article, I first sat around with my girlfriends discussing their first kisses with their significant others, and then talked to the other side of the smooches. Pretty much every story was hysterical. Even the most romantic was stillamusing. We’ve all heard about the importance of the very first mouth to mouth contact in a new relationship.

You want it to go well because you like this girl, and you want to make sure that it’s the right moment and you’re not being pushy because you really like this guy. You think about it and worry and try to plan and fight off the nerves but it just keeps getting to you and you drive yourself crazy over it!


Take a breath. It will be ok. Below I have condensed the results of my painstaking research down tofive easy tips that will hopefully help you tune down the freak-out and tuneup the make-out.

1. Don’t listen to the voices in your head!

Stop thinking about what will happen if you miss his mouth or if you bonk noses. Just relax. Even if something silly like that does happen, you'll onlylook back on it and laugh.

The more you try not to do something “wrong” the more likely you will be distracted and miss the lean-in, head-tilt, or my favourite, the arm-behind-the-lower-back, that is leading up to the smooch.

2. Let the moment come on its own!

Just because it’s your second or third date and you haven’t kissed yet doesn’t mean you should spend the rest of the night sobbing on your pillow. For a first kiss to be just right you need to feel comfortable and together in that moment.

The other person may be just as nervous as you are so take the time to get to know each other’s body language and just get a feel for how you fit together. There’s no shame in that! But this leads me to my next point.

3. Don’t build it up!

It’s fine and dandy to get a feel for each other, but if you build this kiss up in your head, it will never live up to your expectations. The more you hide behind your fear, the more pressure you'll put on this one moment in time, andthat much emphasis is just no good.

Of course first kisses are special, but just think about how many millions more will come after it.

4. No need to get fancy!

Chances are the first kiss with your significant other will not look like something out of a steamy day time soap. I’m sure we’d all love to be able to lock lips with that hunky guy and swirl our tongues about just like the stars do, but for most of us, that is just a dream.

The sweetest first kisses are the gentle pecks that say, “Yeah, so, I like you.” Speaking as a woman, I do not appreciate when a guy sticks his tongue down my throat on the first tour of the place. So just take it easy and keep it simple. This way there's lessa chance of embarrassment, and you'll leave them wanting more.

5. Don’t be afraid to take charge!

Ladies, Gents, if you feel that the moment is there andyour date is looking in your eyes with that come hither stare, go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose at this point.

The bottom line is when you feel ready and confident to take the plunge, you have found a great moment to cash in. The adrenaline is pumping and you feel brave enough to take a risk. So, why not?

get ready for post-kiss giddiness

The actual experience of a first kiss is what really makes it perfect. It doesn’t necessarily have to look like something out of the latest Hollywood flick. What really matters is theawesome feeling of being there in that moment with someone, the post-kiss giddy phone call to your girlfriends or whatever it is that guys do after a first kiss.

So, to all of youwho have your eye onsomeone you're hoping to share your next first kiss with, I wish you fresh breath and awesome memories.